Coronado High School Class of 1965 50 Year Reunion

  • 16 Oct 2015
  • 18 Oct 2015
  • Days Inn Hotel
Coronado High School Class of '65 50th Reunion inviting members of sister classes 1964 and 1965 and alumni...will be October 16-18th at Days Hotel Scottsdale.

Website to register is
We will share three days of fun, festivities and memories with a school tour, Show and Tell, Memory Lane, a Vets' Tribute, In Memoriam, visits with old (even older than us!) teachers, a welcome party, craft beer tasting, buffet dinner, cocktail parties and antique cars. We'll have lots of time and space to reconnect with old pals.

Early bird registration for the three days is $75 for the dinner, two parties and daily refreshments. EARLY BIRD DEADLINE IS JULY 1. Room rates will be an incredible $75-95. Call the hotel directly to reserve a room at (480) 945-4392 and tell them you are with the Coronado Class of 65 Reunion.  

We were the first four-year graduating class at Coronado and everyone says we were the best! We've all had husbands, wives, kids, jobs...we'll only have one 50th reunion.  It will be ONCE IN A LIFETIME!  
We were together when when President Kennedy was assassinated, a world-changing event.  We shared first dates, first kisses, first heartbreaks, first cars.  In our senior year, we shared the first official invasion of Vietnam.  We saw the enactment of Medicare.  We saw the birth of the Civil Rights Movement. We hung out at Ricky's or the Dash Inn.  We snuck into the Roundup Drive-In.  We cruised Central or Scottsdale Road.  We won the juke-box!!! 

So please, pass the word.  Get in touch.  The website has lots of information and old photos.  Feel free to phone me, or send a reply email.  If you know other grads, please pass this on! If you cannot make it, please think about donating...we need seed money to get the word out and pay early expenses. 

In the meantime, contact me at (772) 834-6167 or visit us on Facebook at our group "Coronado High School Class of '65 - Scottsdale, AZ"  
See you in October...
Valerie Jones (CHS 1965) 

Reunion Committee Members:

Lorin Shelley, Darryl Bair, Elliott Perritt, Cathy Shaw, Janet Proudfit, Janice Proudfit, Doug Stewart, Steve Fresener, Greg Odegard, Robert Shaw

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